Mochi Bot

About Mochi Bot

Bring the Web3 universe to your Discord server.
Mochi bot helps bring the Web3 universe to your Discord server, with ease! Simple query NFT rarity, alert new sales on Discord & Twitter, tips, and so many more.
Our mission is to build the best growth tool for your Discord servers, and help you create a strong community of active users in the ever-growing blockchain industry.
Highlight features:
  • Rarity ranking: do NFT rarity checker instantly right in your Discord, real-time while minting.
  • Sales bot: sales alert on Discord & Twitter for any collections.
  • Holder verification & reaction role: assign role by verifying NFT in a wallet or by reaction.
  • Crypto ticker: track & query the live price of many tokens.
  • Tip bot: transfer crypto to any Discord users or roles instantly without a fee.
  • Wallet verification: speedy process for newcomers to verify their wallet and start earning on Discord servers. 400+ users are already verified.